Monday, June 26, 2017

Visiting Janice in South Bay

Recently we visited my good friend Janice in South Bay.  She has three kids all around the same age as Violet so Violet had a blast.  We went on a hike together.  And we played lots and lots of Pokemon Go!

Violet needed rescuing from this log right after this picture.

Did I mention Janice had four chinchillas???

We met up with Marc and his kids at the SF Zoo.

And the last day we had an Easter Egg hunt!

Calico Ghost Town

The three of us went to visit Calico Ghost Town in the early spring.  We got to ride a train to see the mines, pan for "gold" and have a good time.

Rainbow Basin

Monday, April 17, 2017

Catch up

Violet had another dentist visit recently.  They told us again that she would need teeth pulled and spaces and bracers.  Awesome.

Later that day Violet presented her poster for Star of the Week.

We also recently went to Disney and caught up with my friend Kirsten and her kids Matt and Kaitlyn.

We have a new family member:  a black lab puppy named Onyx.

Our other new family member is Little Boo.  A ghost and Violet's imaginary friend that only she can see.  He went missing recently and she insisted on putting up signs in the neighborhood.

A guess it worked because he has returned home.