Monday, April 17, 2017

Catch up

Violet had another dentist visit recently.  They told us again that she would need teeth pulled and spaces and bracers.  Awesome.

Later that day Violet presented her poster for Star of the Week.

We also recently went to Disney and caught up with my friend Kirsten and her kids Matt and Kaitlyn.

We have a new family member:  a black lab puppy named Onyx.

Our other new family member is Little Boo.  A ghost and Violet's imaginary friend that only she can see.  He went missing recently and she insisted on putting up signs in the neighborhood.

A guess it worked because he has returned home.

Hawaii again

In January I went to Hawaii for a conference.  I brought Violet with me and we hung out with Jenee and her family whenever I wasn't in lecture.  The weather wasn't great but work was covering everything so it was hard to complain.

Our flight in was delayed by a few hours.  We got to the hotel at 3 am California time.  Violet was sleeping in baggage claim.

We had an ocean view from the room which was great.

When I went to lecture during the day, Violet went to the kids club hosted by the hotel, Camp Penguin. They were awesome and taught her how to make real leis, took her to the Honolulu Aquarium and the zoo.

The weather wasn't great but we enjoyed the hot tub.  Violet braved the pool in the cold weather but I would not.

It was great spending time with Jenee and her family.  Violet tortured Jenee's son Nick by lavishing him with unwanted attention.

Most importantly for Violet, she lost her first two teeth in Hawaii.

Good thing the tooth fairy made it out to Hawaii!

We had a great time and Violet was exhausted every night.