Tuesday, May 20, 2014

She is my daughter!

If the fact she is totally headstrong didn't make it obvious, Violet's love of chocolate like her mom is as good as any DNA test I know.

Chocolate ice cream aftermath

An unrelated story:
These are the stories if I don't write down, I will forget.

Two weeks ago Violet and I went to Claim Jumper after dance class with her friend and her friend's mom.  The girls were busy playing together as us moms chatted.  Usually I never can chat when I go out to lunch with a friend and bring V along but the girls were entertaining themselves.  Suddenly I noticed that Violet had been wetting her napkin, tearing off pieces, and wadding them up.  I can't remember what her "tell" was, but suddenly I asked "Violet did you put napkin in your nose?"  She nodded yes.  I told her she needed to get it out.  As her finger dug in furiously, pushing the ball of napkin further and further back, her eyes got wide with fear.  My friend said "She probably didn't really put any up there."  But I knew, I just knew.   That look of panic on her face said it all.

So I held closed the other nostril, held my palm out to catch it, and told her to blow her nose as hard as she could.  With each unsuccessful blow, I could feel my panic rising but outwardly I tried to remain calm.  I was already picturing the visit to the ER in my mind.  On the third blow--success!  A bloody piece of napkin flew out of her nose, missing my outstretched palm, and sailed across the table.  A look of relief was on both of our faces.  And then her 3 year old friend sitting next to her, probably grossed out by the whole exchange, vomited.

Once we stopped laughing, we paid our bill and tipped well.

A couple pictures of Eric and I in Santa Fe from this weekend:

Me with a fish head.

We went to the folk art museum and they had an exhibit on Japanese kites and the kite festivals.

We made a kite at the Folk Art Museum.
Then we visited the Santa Fe Botanical Garden.

An origami swan made of metal