Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Holiday pictures

Class pictures

Here are Violet's kindergarten pictures.  We had to do the retake because she wasn't smiling in the first one.  I'm honestly not sure which one is better--the one without the smile or the one with the grimace?

Take One

The retake


Finally Elsa was out this year.  After two years in a row, the Elsa costume sits in the costume box.  Violet wanted to be a black kitten for Halloween and she me to be a black cat.  She really seemed to "get it" this year.  She was running from house to house yelling in surprise "They are giving away free candy!!!"

 Violet had a hand in carving two pumpkins.

My pumpkin and Violet's pumpkin

Eric and Violet's pumpkin.
She got so much candy it was insane.  We have all been enjoying it.  I am wondering if my parents stole from my Halloween candy as well?  I think parents everywhere do that.