Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obon Festival

We all went to to the OC Obon festival on Saturday.  The food was awesome.  I saw a pomeranian in a kimono.  Violet enjoyed the Taiko drums.  None of us were a fan of the heat however!

Eric with his longtime friend Jeff.

I think the girls found picking up rocks to be the most interesting part.

Violet looking very hot and sweaty.

Sunday we had a play date with Violet's friend Ava.  They had a blast.

Violet did this over and over again:

Summer has officially begun!

Monday, June 24, 2013


Wow, Violet started preschool this morning.  Where did the time go?  She's going for 3.5 hours twice a week and she had no trouble with mom leaving her in a strange room with new people.  I don't even think she said goodbye--she was too busy walking a baby doll in a stroller that she found within a millisecond of arriving.

It's sort of like summer camp for her preschool right now.  They go in the mornings in their swim suit and swim diaper and they do a lot of water play.  Then they get changed into their regular clothes and do more preschool type activities.  There was a bit of a "pootastrophe" so to speak and lets just say when I picked Violet up, a lot of her clothes and her swim suit were handed to me inside a plastic bag.

Other than that, I think she had a fabulous time.  She said that the teachers were nice and the kids were nice.  She pretty much fell asleep as soon as she got home.

Waiting impatiently to get in and knocking on the door.

It was sad dropping her off to school, but I have to admit it was so nice to use the 3.5 hours to get errands done.  I already can't wait until Wednesday.  Hopefully no clothes come back wrapped in plastic next time.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Petting Zoo

Violet desperately was trying to tell me what she wanted three nights ago at bed time. It clearly started with a "P" but I was having trouble understanding. I was guessing more and more things and she was getting so frustrated. I finally heard her talking about goats and realized she was asking to go to the petting zoo. She was so happy and relieved when I understood. So off we went to the petting zoo the next day with her friend Gray.

Another pic where she is the Mr.T of toddlers:

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Driving and illnesses

The blog is well overdue for an update.  Violet is like a little person now.  She speaks in 4 to 5 word sentences.  She is super opinionated and has no hesitation in letting you know it.

She is currently obsessed with driving the car.  No problem except she locked my steering wheel last week and the car wouldn't start.  It took a phone call and google to figure out how to get the car started.

I would prefer she stick to driving this car:

We were all wickedly sick with a fever last week.  Violet keeps bringing these horrible illnesses our way.  She seems sick more often than she is healthy but everyone tells me that is par for the course at her age.

Violet holding mommy's hand when she was sick.

During the sick week everyone was feeling so crummy that we decided to get ice cream for dinner.  We went to Rite Aid (formerly known as Thrifty's) and Violet had her first ice cream cone.

Here she is once she was healthy again, hanging out with her friend Gray at MyGym.

Today we went to the park.  I've been shuttling her to music class, MyGym, and swim class, so it had been a while since we had gone to the park.  I saw this and thought, when did Violet get so grown up?

She is shouting "it's a big one!"

Violet enjoying the park with Grandpa

And introducing Princess Violet:

Next up is preschool which she will start June 24th.  The summer program is a bit different and it is taught in 2 week blocks.  The first one is "Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!" Sounds like fun.  I wish I could go...