Sunday, May 3, 2015


Violet recently went with Eric to the Science Discovery Museum for a special exhibit on bubbles.  I was at work that day, but Eric talked it up so much that I had to see it for myself.  Lucky Violet got to go twice.

After waiting in line for an hour, she got to walk around in a plastic bubble.  Parents could do it too, but being encased in a plastic bag in the heat while running in circles didn't appeal to me.





Faceplant again!

After that it was time to go to the bubble show.  The presenter literally travels the world performing his bubble show.  It seems like a pretty awesome job.  The finale involved lots and lots of bubbles.


Violet is currently in gymnastics.  She's gotten kicked out twice for not listening to the coach, but she is finally getting the hang of things.


She went to a day camp there one day for spring break and the older kids taught her how to do a flip.


Easter Egg Hunt

 Violet recently went on a neighborhood easter egg hunt.  She waited patiently with her friend Emily to start.

 She admired all the spoils before her and waited for the bunny to announce the start.

 There were kids and plastic eggs everywhere.  After the hunt, she and Eric opened the eggs.

Hmmm. a cute plastic ring.

Another plastic ring...

And the next egg...wait for it...

A plastic ring!

It seems that whichever volunteer filled and distributed the eggs, they didn't mix them up very well.  Violet ended up with about 20 plastic rings.  None of which were small enough for 4 year old fingers despite being in the 3-4 year old section.  Violet didn't seem to mind a bit.  It was all treasure to her.

Afterwards, there was face/body painting:

And then Violet and Emily rode the train.

Later that day Violet dyed eggs.