Thursday, August 22, 2013

Violet goes to the dentist Part 2

So it's been 6 months since our last dentist appointment and it's time to go again.  I'm thinking this time, it'll be time to clean her teeth.  Not so much.

We had to wait about 30 minutes for our appointment.  This pediatric dentist has it down to a science.  They have an awesome fish tank with lots of nemo fish and starfish.

This completely occupied Violet until the appointment.  Then it was our turn.

We spent about 40 minutes with the hygienist.  They showed her the instruments and she got to practice on those weird stuff animals with the teeth again.

She only opened her mouth for a total of about 10 seconds the entire time.  The dentist was able to count her teeth (she has them all except for the last two molars on the top).  Last time he mentioned she would need braces.  This time he mentioned that she would likely need mouth expanders and extractions to make room for her adult teeth.  She's also more likely to get cavities because her teeth are so close together.  Awesome.  At least he's breaking me in slowly.  I'm wondering what he's going to tell us next time.

So she sat in the chair playing with instruments for 40 minutes and had her mouth open for 10 seconds.  This set me back $75.  So at least I'll make some of that back by her picking a cool gift from the awesome treasure chest again right?  Yeah, not so much much.  She picked those cheap pink mardi gras type beads AGAIN!  I kept asking her if she wanted to change her mind.  Keep in mind she has like 8 of these beaded necklaces at home already.  But no she was set on those beads.

Afterwards we got to sit in the photo booth again.

Fun stuff.  Maybe she will actually let them clean her teeth next time?

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

First haircut!

Violet just had her first haircut.  While I had been putting it off as long as I could, it had finally gotten to the point where it needed to be done.  First, some pictures from baby beach from a couple of weeks ago.

Being taught how to use a squirt gun for the first time.

As for the haircut today, Violet did surprisingly well.  We went to "First Cuts" which caters to little kids (and uses that niche to jack up the prices).  She got to sit in a rocket ship chair and watch Toy Story while her hair was cut.

She was looking a little worried beforehand...

But soon she was completely engrossed with the television.

Violet in her rocket ship.

After the cut, still engrossed in Toy Story.
They gave her a lollipop afterwards.

Violet got a lollipop and I got some locks of her hair to save.  They also gave her a certificate of merit for her first haircut (what??).

I had to stop myself from laughing as I watched one of the adult dads get his hair cut there too.  They didn't make him sit in a rocket ship though.

Check out the adult in the background.

I wonder if he got a certificate too?