Saturday, December 20, 2014


The giraffe arrived!

After saving her money for a year, the giraffe arrived in a very tall Amazon box.  I wonder what she will save for next?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Saving for a Giraffe

Violet got a piggy bank for a gift well over a year ago.  She's been depositing spare change in it for quite some time.  We asked her what she was saving up to buy and she answered "A giraffe".  At first I thought she meant a real giraffe but luckily she qualified the statement later.  She's saving up for a big stuffed giraffe.  The time came when the bank was finally full and she took a hammer to it (under supervision).

She saved over $60!  Eric and I rolled up the change that night.  Violet and Eric then went to the bank to exchange the coins  and soon we will be heading to the toy store to get her giraffe.

Outtakes from a recent photo shoot:

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Picture update

We recently picked out a tree for Christmas.

Looking for the perfect tree.

Found it!

This gorgeous tree was already bought by someone else.

Mom, I put on my own sunscreen! 

School pictures, second year of preschool:

For comparison, last year:

What a difference a year makes!

Lake Tahoe

We just got back from spending Thanksgiving week in Lake Tahoe with friends.  While it didn't snow, we managed to find a small amount on top of a mountain.  It didn't take much snow to impress Violet.

Snow fight with Nana.
Hot cocoa to warm up.
Then there was the day we went on the hike from hell.  That's defined by taking a three year old on a 2 mile hike who decides less than halfway through that she doesn't want to walk.  Violet made the hike torture for all of us. 


Hanging out with a friend by the lake.


Dentist and Dance

Another trip to the dentist.  Violet actually let the dentist inspect her teeth this time.  I made a comment that he got farther then the dentist did last visit and he commented "Yeah I read the notes."  I wonder what those notes said?  "Patient won't stop screaming when I tried to count teeth?"

Recently Violet had a second dance recital.  This one was a tap number to Jingle Bell Rock.  About halfway through the number she thought it would be fun to pretend to fall.  She pretended to fall three or four times.  The first time the teacher picked her up.  The last few times they just left her on the floor.

Before the show:

Warming up:


After it was all done, chilling at Target.

And the dance itself.  

Count the times she "falls".

That's my kid!