Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Violet's 3rd Birthday!

Violet turned three on Sunday.  She started the day getting an awesome kitchen from Aunt Deanna.

Rocking her awesome party dress

 Then we celebrated by going to a local bounce house place, Jump n Jammin.  Violet loved it and at one point we noted that with her high pitched scream, she was the loudest kid in the place.

Digging in to chocolate cake with her friend Emily

Running through a kid habitrail


Nana and Papa

Everyone signed a pillow case.

The ball room

This year was really fun because it was the first year she understood what a birthday was and that the party was for her.  She had been excited for weeks leading up to it.

Thanks to Aunty Jenny for capturing the day on "film" and to Jeff to getting the video of the birthday moment both this year and last year.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Violet's View of the World

Violet is obsessed with taking pictures whenever we take the camera out.  Her picture taking has definitely started to improve.  Her choice of subjects and angle of view gives us an idea of her view of the world.

chickens at Irvine Great Park

And thanks so much for Aunt Rosanne and Uncle Al who gave Violet this fabulous purple turtle which has become her first "lovey".  I am already looking for a back up one in case it ever gets lost.

Daddy Days

Hiking with Daddy.

Painting nails.

Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt and dark nail polish.  This is definitely my kid!