Friday, January 29, 2016

5th Birthday

I can't believe it but Violet is 5.  She is sassy and full of attitude, especially to her mom.  She has very strong opinions and makes them known.  And she has started to read, the first one in her class.

Violet had a great party at Scooter's Jungle, one of those inflatable activity places.

Directions and safety instructions.

Are we starting yet?

So excited to start!
Riding the zipline:

The slides were awesome:

With her best friend

Opening presents afterwards:

Then we celebrated her birthday at school:

And then later at home:

Holiday Movies


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

July trip--Jackson Hole

We had a great trip back in July to Jackson Hole.  I took so many pictures that it seemed overwhelming to try to update the blog with the trip.  Seeing how it's half a year later, I'm finally getting to it.

We took the gondola up to the top of the mountain and went on a hike.  It was a bit long for Violet.

But then we found snow.  In July!

And the inevitable snowball fight soon followed.

 This made me nervous.

Randomly, there were marmots everywhere.

After the long hike, there was an ice cream reward.

Probably our most fun night of the trip was doing a chuckwagon dinner. 

Waiting for the wagon.

The wagon ride was fun.  We got attacked by "indians".

View from the wagon.

Eating yummy dinner.

Then the kids got called up at the end of the show for singing and some small skits.

We did some shopping on the trip.  Violet insisted on posing with every animal she saw in the stores.

We went to a small art fair and Violet got the most awesome face paint ever.

One of the super fun parts of the trip for Violet was getting to jump on the bungee trampoline.  She went so high with no fear.  She taught herself a forward flip.  Later on our trip to Tahoe, she taught herself a backwards flip.  She just barely made the weight cut off (40 pounds).

Learning a forward flip:

More flips:

Back flip later in Lake Tahoe: