Thursday, December 28, 2017


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Violet made out like a bandit.  I think Santa needs to be less generous next year.

 The big gift was a big girl bike!

Eric gave me a metal detector and I've been having fun treasure hunting.

Christmas Lead in

We went to Silverado Canyon to pick out our Christmas tree.

Violet's class had a party.  Her teacher pretended to be Santa but the kids didn't fall for it.  The kids each had a "mystery elf" which was essentially a secret santa.

Snowy the Snowman

We went to visit Santa via the Christmas train in Irvine Regional park.  Violet remained wary of Santa but was willing to sit on his lap this year.  It was the evening of December 23 and she told Santa she wanted a rainbow zebra stuff animal.  Santa had to rush to meet that new demand but he got it done.

After the train, Violet's favorite activity is always decorating the big cookie because after she gets to eat it.  She tries to maximize the amount of frosting.  This year she asked if she could put frosting on the plate.

We made sugar cookies from scratch this year at home.  Eric made "Mr. Hanky the christmas poo".

Sweet deserts

We visited Sugar and Creme for their famous unicorn shake.  It was so sweet it was stomach turning but Violet loved it.

A card for her teacher:

Hanukkah and Joshua Tree

Between Hanukah and Christmas Violet has a ball in December.

The owlicorn hatches out of the egg.

Violet and her Hatchimal

We spent part of Hanukkah with our portable menorah in Joshua Tree.  Eric and Violet climbed a lot of really high rocks.  I couldn't watch at times.  They are both fearless.