Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas is coming...

Violet is still too afraid to sit on Santa's lap but she did let him know what she wanted.  A violin.  That's the first I had heard of that.

We recently went looking at Christmas lights.  This house (yes it is indeed a private residence) was the best by far.  Violet ran around like crazy.

She is a blur!

Eric watching the madness.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Santa Fe

We just got back from visiting Santa Fe.  It was Violet's first time there.  She is getting to be a seasoned traveler now.

The Christmas lights on the plaza were beautiful.

I think Violet's favorite part was the dirty snow.

She loved the little pink robe the hotel supplied.

We visited the folk art museum.

And a bug museum:

And did some shopping:


We just finished celebrating the last night of Hannukah.  The first two nights we were in Santa Fe, New Mexico on vacation.  We brought s tiny menorah with us to use at the hotel.

She named the kitty "Whiskers".

Violet made this menorah in school:

Hannukah songs for the parents at school.

Next up Christmas and then her birthday.

Holiday pictures