Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Violet meets the kitty

Violet is becoming increasingly aware of her surroundings.  At the same time, she is beginning to gain some motor skills.  It's fascinating to watch.  She finally really noticed the cats and has learned to pet them.  Psycho Buff Kitty is infinitely patient with her as she tends to grip him and rip out his fur.

 Ignore the background noise of the pump.  ;)

Violet showing off her motor skills by learning to flash.

That could be a useful skill later in life.

And a couple more of V looking cute and sort of punk.  Dad bought this shirt at Target in the one dollar bin.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3 months!

Violet turned three months old yesterday marking the change from newborn to infant.  She grabs things with ease now and smiles all the time.  She'll throw out a giggle here and there. This week she seems to be working on trying to sit up.  I think that will take some time.
I went back to work last week which proved to be a big adjustment to both of us.  I'm really amazed at how quickly she is changing.  You can literally watch her attempt, practice and master a new skill within a week.

First just an adorable picture of a very satisfied Violet, belly full of milk and napping.

And then her three month pictures.  Her face is starting to mature a little.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jenee Visits

My best friend Jenee visited this week from Hawaii to meet Violet.  She had originally planned to come about 5 weeks ago, but both her and her son Nick came down with the flu 12 hours before she was set to leave.  Lucky for her, because Violet is now a smiling, cooing, well-behaved interactive baby.  Five weeks ago, she was a she-demon sent to earth to destroy us.  Violet is 12 weeks now and just this week she learned to grab things with her hands (it's a work in progress--she misses a lot), she giggles occasionally, and she noticed and became friends with the baby in the mirror.

Out to lunch with Stacy, Jenee and Violet:

I have to admit that Violet projectile vomited on me just prior to this photo.  At least she waited until after lunch.
Hanging out with Jenee and Violet:

And Violet playing:

And just to remind everyone, Violet before:

And the new Violet:

I go back to work on Thursday which will be a big adjustment.  I haven't gone longer than four hours with her in my arms, and that's only when she's sleeping.  I'm not looking forward to the emotions that go along with returning to work.