Wednesday, September 30, 2015


We just got back from a trip to Sequoia National Park today.  The trip was almost cancelled due to the Rough fire in the area.  But with it being mostly contained and burning itself out, we decided at the last minute to make the trip.  It was true "glamping" (glamour + camping).  We stayed in a cabin at the Montecito Lodge.  The cabin was far from rustic and all meals were provided for by the lodge.  It was sort of like being on a cruise.  Buffet spreads for every meal.

The sunrise view from our cabin:

There was a lake that was part of the camp.  Violet caught her first fish with beef from the kitchen.

Eric and Violet went canoeing.

We met up Auntie Jenny at camp.  Violet was thrilled.

We went and visited General Grants tree, one of the largest sequoias in the park.

More fun hiking with Auntie Jenny:

Exploring the park:

Walking through a huge hollow tree trunk:

This cabin (known as Gamlins cabin) was built in 1872.  Just last week the cabin and Grants tree had been wrapped in fire retardant sheeting to prevent damage from the fire.

Violet worked hard on her junior ranger assignment about how to preserve nature and the earth.

She answered some questions the ranger asked her and got sworn in as a junior ranger for Sequoia.  Each of the national parks has a junior ranger program which is a really nice way to get young kids engaged with the nature in the area.

Being sworn in and taking the junior ranger oath:

So proud of her badge:

The next day we visited Stony Creek, a favorite place of Eric's from his youth. The water level was super low.

Today we drove home, making a stop at the quirky Bravo Farms.  After exploring we left with great cheese.

We decided to go back to the Montecito Lodge again next year and try the family camp.  

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tahoe with the Family

On a hike that my parents used to take my sister and I on:

Finally made it to the lake:


Missing daddy:


Violet just had her first day of pre-k yesterday.  She is loving school.  No tears this year on the first day.

This is her last year of preschool and her first year of going to school 5 days a week like a big kid.