Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some of my favorite things...

There are a couple of really cute things Violet does.  I'm trying to document these things before she outgrows them.  The first is her "milk drunk" face.  After drinking a lot of milk, well you guessed it, she looks sort of drunk.  It's super cute and super funny.

This is a good example.

Another is the her startle reflex.  When she is asleep and is touched or hears a loud noise, she exhibits this reflex.  It goes away in a few months but it's so hysterical. 
I hope to get more and better startles on video.  It's hard not to induce it for fun.

In terms of news, Eric's good friend Jeff visited.  He's expecting his own child in a few months so we loaded him up with pointers and warned him of the level of decibels of the crying.

As you can tell, Violet was really excited to meet Jeff.

In other news, the ultrasound of Violet's heart was normal which is a relief.  In terms of development, she's more alert and growing much bigger.  She outgrew some of her first clothes this week.  She also tends to cry if she isn't held which pretty much prevents me from doing much of anything during the day.  In terms of sleeping, we are still waking up about every three hours at night.  Ah, but it's a labor of love.


  1. So darn cute ! Thanks for all the pointers too. I'm going to need all of them come late May. ;D

  2. i've been working too much - missing all the new posts. she is getting big! i love her professional pics. do you have a baby bjorn or sling or something? that will help with the being held thing, but yet keep your hands free!

  3. Haha! I LOVE the startle video! She's too cute :)

  4. This is great! I need to do one of these too! Little C totally does the milk drunk face too - like "duuuuuhhhhherrrr, where am I!"

  5. You totally need to do one China!