Thursday, March 24, 2011

Look who's talking!

So Violet is way less fussy (okay, maybe not WAY less fussy, but definitely less fussy) and she is passing out huge grins left and right.  I still don't have a good picture of a smile.  She's started "talking" to us with baby talk which is quite fun.  Here's some video of some converations.
A little talk and a little play.
That one was mostly me talking.

Lot's of pictures somewhat out of order.  We got some of our professional newborn pics back from when she was three weeks.  Here are a couple of cute ones.

She was so little then--she's a completely different baby now.

At the end of February, my sister Deanna came to visit.
She brought lots of cute cupcake and hello kitty clothes for Violet.  This girl is going to be so spoiled!

Here's just a few more recent cute photos and video:
Sleeping in a baby straight jacket.

And another cute startle video:
Developmentally, Violet is super more alert.  She is all about eye contact, smiles and talking.  She is pretty good at holding her head up.  She cries a lot less.  She sleeps in 3-6 hour stretches.  She did develop GI issues and the doctor had me cut out dairy from my diet.  I'll give up freedom, sleep, and travel for this child, but giving up cheese and ice cream? It's almost more than I can bear!

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  1. I LOVE your sweet "mommy" voice!!! This is were it starts to get fun...enjoy every minute. Hope we can see you soon.