Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jenee Visits

My best friend Jenee visited this week from Hawaii to meet Violet.  She had originally planned to come about 5 weeks ago, but both her and her son Nick came down with the flu 12 hours before she was set to leave.  Lucky for her, because Violet is now a smiling, cooing, well-behaved interactive baby.  Five weeks ago, she was a she-demon sent to earth to destroy us.  Violet is 12 weeks now and just this week she learned to grab things with her hands (it's a work in progress--she misses a lot), she giggles occasionally, and she noticed and became friends with the baby in the mirror.

Out to lunch with Stacy, Jenee and Violet:

I have to admit that Violet projectile vomited on me just prior to this photo.  At least she waited until after lunch.
Hanging out with Jenee and Violet:

And Violet playing:

And just to remind everyone, Violet before:

And the new Violet:

I go back to work on Thursday which will be a big adjustment.  I haven't gone longer than four hours with her in my arms, and that's only when she's sleeping.  I'm not looking forward to the emotions that go along with returning to work.

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