Sunday, September 25, 2011


Violet and I just returned from Hawaii where we were visiting my friend Jenee and her family.  The flight over was a bit of a nightmare but Violet did great on the rest of the trip and the return flight home. 

Violet went in the ocean for the first time and hung out on the sand. She was mostly interested in playing with sticks and eating sand. 

She refused to sleep at the beach but was definitely exhausted afterwards.

Violet did great at Jenee's house.  She loved all the pets and Jenee's parents too.  Mom loved the baby jail we borrowed.
 Violet especially loved Jenee's dog Zoe who was just the right height for french kisses through the cage.
We both had a great time and I was sad to leave.  As Jenee pointed out, next time she sees us Violet will be walking and talking.
And here's one from before the trip just to show how much Violet loves blueberries.

And just looking super cute rocking her baby legs.

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