Monday, November 21, 2011

Meeting Santa

Suffice it to say, meeting Santa for the first time was traumatic for Violet.  We couldn't help but giggle a little.

She seemed to do fine until she realized she was sitting on a strange person's lap.
Here's the finished product:

Lucky Violet will get Christmas and Hanukkah gifts.

Grandma babysat a bunch this month which went great as long as I wasn't around.  If it were up to Violet, she would never leave my arms.

Violet is super mobile now.  She is very agile with her cruising.  She will even stand on top of our laps if we're sitting and she can balance very well.  She's doing well with her finger foods--she's obsessed with those gross canned cut green beans and wagon wheel pasta.  She continues to want nothing to do with baby food and wants only to feed herself.

All sacked out!

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