Tuesday, December 13, 2011

11 Months!

Violet turned 11 months old yesterday.  It's hard to believe in one month she will be a year old--no longer considered a baby, she'll officially be a toddler.  She is changing so much.  She is super close to walking and can take up to four steps on her own.   She started saying Daddy, although she has no idea what it means.

Did you catch her attack at the end?

Here are some other new discoveries:

1.   While binkies previously materialized out of nowhere, she now is aware of the little container attached to mommy's bag that holds them.  She will paw at it incessantly until you give in.
2.  It's fun to smash cheerios with the TV remote.
3.  Buttons do something when you push them.
4.  She has  meowed to the cats for sometime but now she says "aroo" (like a howl) to the dogs.
5.  If you push really hard on a cheerio with your finger, it'll go flying off the table.
6. Mommy can be manipulated by crying and whining.  It doesn't have the same effect on daddy.


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