Thursday, April 12, 2012


Violet's been having a really tough time this week.  She's teething really badly.  She wakes up screaming multiple times a night and sometimes only visiting with the kitties will help.  Today she felt really crummy and had a couple of full on tantrums.  Thankfully she's been sleeping for 6 hours now and has only woken up once.  Hopefully tonight will be a more restful night for all involved.

About a month ago Violet started a class for toddlers at MyGym.  It's sort of a gym for kids but really it's just like an indoor playground.  She just loves it.

The ball pit of coliforms.  
 Violet got a wicked GI illness the first week after being in the ball pit.  I heard sometimes it's "Closed" due to some outbreak of illness.  Unfortunately she loves it and runs to it first every week.

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