Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuscon with Jenee

Violet and I headed over to Tuscon to visit my friend Jenee.  Jenee was out from Hawaii for a short two week class on shrimp.  I figured that the flight might be difficult--Violet is at that age when she really doesn't want to sit still.  She also is very vocal about being made to do things she doesn't want to.  She was actually pretty good for the flight over, but the flight back was pretty much my (and everyone else's worse nightmare).  She was in hysterics in the terminal prior to the flight, a demonstration of what was to come for all about to board.  Suffice it to say I'm not going to fly with her again until she's 40.

After a quick visit with cousin Tory (somehow we forgot to take a picture) in Phoenix, we drove to Tuscon.

We had a great time in Tuscon, mostly staying indoor as it was 106 most of the time.  So we hit the museums and the pool.


New words from this weekend:

wa (aka water)

It still melts my heart every time she says mommy.

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