Sunday, August 19, 2012

Twins play date and Pretend City Museum

Violet is having a great summer.  She is picking up new words every day.  Two days ago she learned the word no and she's already starting to say it a bunch.  Eric was pointing to body parts and asking her what they were.  When he pointed to her toes and asked her "Violet, what are those?" she answered "Piggies!".  Sort of.

We went to Pretend City Children's Museum again last week and it's quickly becoming a favorite hang out, especially with all these afternoons which are too hot for the park.

Pretend bathroom

Pretend bed

Yesterday she had a play date with her friends Luka and Tobias.  She loved playing with all their toys and wielded her power from being 6 months older over them.

Fun water play

Sheer exhaustion

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