Monday, November 19, 2012

Violet and Psycho Buff Kitty

Violet has always always loved her kitties.  This week we lost Psycho Buff Kitty at the old age of 17.5.  Violet adored him and he tolerated her manhandling with dignity.

PBK over the last two years with Violet:

She was always so excited to see him!

He wasn't thrilled when she was old enough to carry him around but he didn't complain.

I thought she wouldn't notice he was gone but she has been looking for him every day and asking for him.  She looks in all his hiding spots--on the big chair, under the bed, and in the bathroom.

We got a new kitten (to be named).  I can't have a household with just one cat.  Hopefully the new kitten will also be tolerant to Violet's love.

We will miss you Psycho Buff Kitty!

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