Sunday, January 13, 2013

Violet turns 2!

Well Violet didn't know it was her birthday, or even what a birthday is.  She didn't realize that she was the guest of honor, but it was clear that she had a blast.  We had her party at Pretend City Children's Museum.  She went nonstop until the museum closed and beyond.  Violet only has two "friends" of her own, so most of the guests were friends of ours with young children and family.  It was nice to have so many people we care about in one room.

I loved her dress.
The kids got to decorate top hats with stickers.

Violet was obsessed with the balloons.

With Papa

Violet's favorite balloon

The gifts were so nice.

Thanks to everyone who came for sharing this day with us.

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  1. What a lovely party! Yeah, at 2, their social life hasn't really blossomed yet - there will be plenty of time later for fights over how many friends get invited to the party! It's nice that you have friends with appropriately-aged kids to party with.

    Happy birthday, Violet!