Thursday, September 5, 2013

Preschool Open House

Violet and I went to open house for her preschool this past Tuesday.

 I was surprised at just how crowded it was.  People take preschool open house quite seriously it seems.

It had a much more serious feel than the summer session.  The classroom was all decorated for fall (brings back memories) and it felt more like school.  This summer she was required to attend the summer session in her bathing suit and water shoes.  This is more like SCHOOL.

She has her own cubby:

When we first got there, Violet was everywhere at once.  She said to me "Mommy go home please!"  She wanted me to leave her there and for me to leave.  At least she softened the blow with a "please".

Toddler art

A bucket of dirt in the classroom!

She has a new teacher for the school year, Mrs. Gayle.  Mrs. Gayle passed out a lot of paperwork including their strict illness policy.  You can't come to school unless you've been fever free for at least 24 hours.

About halfway through open house, Violet started laying on one of the couches and acting rather lethargic.  She started asking to go home.  I felt her and it was very clear that she was becoming sick and was burning up.  I felt super self-conscious trying to sneak her out of open house with her slumped against me, praying she wouldn't vomit until we got home.  The thermometer at home confirmed a fever of 101.

So much for the illness policy, Violet just infected all of her classmates and their parents at open house!

Spreading her germs on a class babydoll.

Additional pictures swiming at grandma's and grandpa's pool.

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