Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First Movie, dance and dentist

Violet recently went to her first movie, Disney's "Frozen".  She did great and sat still for most of it.  She asked to leave twice but as soon the singing started she was entranced again.  We've been playing "Elsa and Anna" ever since then and have the music in the car as well.  We plan to see it one more time before it leaves the theater.  It was the first movie I've seen in the theater in over a year as well (babies pretty much make that impossible), so I was pretty excited too.

Pretending to be Elsa who can freeze things.

Violet has been dancing around the house a bunch so now that she is three she was able to start a dance class.  It's called Fairy Tale ballet and Tap.  The ballet snob in me is a little put off by them blowing bubbles in class, but Violet loves it.

It's way too cute to see all the little girls in their dance clothes.  She says she likes tap better than ballet but she's got plenty of time to change her mind.

Violet just made it to her 3 year dentist appointment.  I was so proud of her--she let the hygenist do a whole cleaning including scaling and polishing.  She picked chocolate flavored polish.  Yum.

Looking worried before the cleaning.

Brushing the Lion's humanoid teeth.
Creepy Lion

So proud!

Violet did really great.  The hygenist said she was her best patient the whole day.  Then the dentist came over to check Violet's teeth.  I don't know if it was because he was a man or she was just over it, but she lost her $hit when the actual dentist came over just to look at her teeth.  Full on screeching.  It was pretty embarassing but at least her teeth are clean now.

To the treasure chest she went next.  While she considered the Mardi Gras beads again (I was silently screaming No! in my head), she decided on a blue spider.  Yay!

Then we got to do the photo booth again.  Violet's head is either cut off on top or the bottom.  Maybe next time we will get it right.

Pics from a recent day at Disney:

"Crown Day" at preschool for her birthday:

Dressing up with Nana

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