Monday, September 8, 2014

First Day of Preschool, Year 2

So today was the first day of preschool.  Violet picked out a dress to wear and as I armed myself with a camera, we entered the building.  I looked up which classroom we were in (104 with Miss Beth) and headed that direction.  Violet had other ideas and started to head to last year's classroom.  This was not going to go over well.

About two weeks ago I mentioned to Violet that she would have a new teacher this coming year and a new classroom.  She said she didn't want a new classroom.  I tried to build it up, "It's not the little kid classroom.  It's the classroom for bigger kids."  She got fairly worried and said a few times "I'm a little kid.  I want to be in the little kid classroom."  About a week later she brought it up again on her own, "Mommy I'm a little kid.  I want to be in the little kid classroom again" so I knew she was worrying about it.

Back again to today, as I headed one way and Violet headed another, Violet started to panic.  Full category 5 melt down mode ensued.  Loud full on hysterics--my kid was spectacle of the morning.  There would be no picture taking this morning.  I had hoped to meet the teacher and check out the room, but instead, they basically ushered her inside and recommended I make a hasty retreat.  They closed the door so she couldn't escape, but not before the teacher commented "I remember her from the summer.  She is strong willed!"  I have never met this teacher prior to today and she has never taught Violet before, but somehow she already knows how head strong she is.  I guess word gets around.

Her substitute swim teacher said the same thing two weeks ago to me after a 20 minute lesson.  About 6 months prior, Mr. Matt, her usual swim teacher, told me she's in his top 5 for strong willed kids to teach.  He teaches a lot of kids too--a lot more than five.  I remember the week she was born and we were struggling with nursing and at a week of age, my lactation consultant said the same thing.   After many sessions, she said in her whole career she had had only a couple of babies that just refused to latch.  Then she brought over a hospital grade breast pump which essentially signaled a sign of defeat.

I remember when I was having a hard time when she was going through a difficult time as a newborn (pretty much week 3 through week 8) during her period of purple crying (google it, that was her), one of my good internal medicine colleagues said "Really Laura, with you and Eric as parents, did you really think your offspring wouldn't be stubborn?"  It made sense at the time and it makes me chuckle now.

After the door closed at preschool today, I hid around the corner and watched Violet crying hysterically while just staring out the window.  Miss Beth asked me if I wanted a call in 15 minutes to let me know that she was doing okay, but I said just to call if I needed to come get her.  About thirty minutes later I got a call and was fully prepared to hear that I needed to come get her, but they were just calling to say she was fine.

Apparently the rest of the day went great.  Looks like they came up with some classroom rules:

Notice Violet's input of "No bossing."  Those that have seen her play with others will see the irony in that.

When I picked her up she was all smiles.

Apparently they counted fruit loops as they strung them on a necklace.  Her's had 38--it was written on the plastic bag it was stored in.  Her necklace was reduced to just a piece of string by the time we pulled  into the driveway.

Later that afternoon she went to her first gymnastics class.  The first half hour she didn't participate.  She told the teacher she didn't know how and she would "do it at home."  I watched this all on the parent spycam they had up since parents are not allowed in the room with them.  The teacher's aide stepped out and asked me if I wanted to go inside the classroom to try to encourage her.  Really with Violet she needs to come to her own conclusion that she wants to do something.  If I try to get her to participate, it will have the exact opposite effect.  Luckily when they switched from the floor room to the bar/trampoline room, she decided it looked more interesting than scary and jumped in.  We will see how next week goes.

Later this month we go back to the dentist.  I mentioned that she has an appointment coming up (mistake number one) and she immediately started talking about how scary the dentist was and how she didn't want to go.  More things to look forward to.

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