Friday, October 17, 2014

Hawaii, yes again...

Violet and I went to Hawaii again to visit my friend Jenee and her family.  We spent another couple of nights at the Disney Aulani resort which was awesome yet again.  We pretty much stayed at the pool all day.

One of the best parts was that Violet was old enough to go to Auntie's Beach House (AKA Disney babysitting) which was open until 9:30 p.m. at night and included in the cost of the room.  We tested it out the first day when Jenee and I booked spa appointments.  I can't say I was at all surprised when someone was waiting for me between appointments to let me know that I needed to call Auntie's Beach House because there was some kind of problem.  I was sure Violet was probably having some kind of melt down or needed a change of clothes--something that would necessitate me leaving and missing my massage.  Luckily they just called to let me know she didn't eat her lunch but then had a fit when they took it away at the end of lunch time.  I think my response went something like "Oh she didn't eat lunch?  Do I need to come get her?  No?  Excellent, off to my massage."

Roughhousing with Nick.

 We had breakfast with the characters again.  The wait for pictures took forever.  It felt like we were really at Disneyland.

Waiting to meet Mickey.

Waiting some more.

That night it was back to Aunties Beach House for Violet and Nicholas while the adults enjoyed a nice dinner and tropical Mai Tai's at the resort restaurant.  Low alcohol tolerances made for a fun meal with excellent food without the kids.

After leaving Aulani we headed back to Jenee's house.  Violet loved going upstairs to visit Jenee's parents.

Hopefully they didn't mind her random visits.

The flight home was a bit rough.  With a 3+ hour delay and a 5 hour flight, Violet was literally rolling on the ground towards the end.  But it was all worth it and I'm sure we will be back next year.

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