Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Story time!

Last night Violet, Eric, and I were all stringing beads, making necklaces and bracelets for Violet's friends.  Eric made me a glow in the dark bracelet that is super cool.  Violet went to put the beads away and the lid popped off, spilling beads everywhere.  Violet exclaimed, "F*cking crap!"  Eric and I both sat there in stunned silence for a minute.  Eric recovered quicker, and explained that those were very bad words.

Later that night after Violet was asleep we were reflecting on the incident and we just kept laughing.  Is it wrong of me to be proud that she used the words correctly?  If I had dropped the beads, I probably would have said something similar.  Well the whole thing about kids being sponges is true.  I guess it's time to start watching my language.

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