Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Violet just had her big dance recital.  Our current studio is much bigger and the productions are much more elaborate.  Violet loved her bird costume (they danced to Rio) and even more than that loved wearing make up.  She's quite the girly girl.  They did two performance and she said she loved it. 

They had been practicing the dance for nearly 4 months but every time they performed it, it was like they were doing it for the first time.  There was an older "bird" that led the routine and they could follow.

Oops, she sat up early.  What next she wonders?

At one point Violet got downstage of the girl that was leading the dance.  I knew this was a bad sign because she didn't actually know the dance at all.

Downstage from the dancer, looking worried.

Not looking too thrilled.

Done until next year!

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