Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dance Recital

Violet just finished her dance recital.  She is lukewarm on actually taking dance class but she loves the recitals because she loves the tutu, the make up, and the hair.

Auntie Jenny took these pictures just before the recital.

Recital time!  She had two performances.  Lucky me got to sit through the whole recital twice.

Violet laughing at me waving to her from the audience at the end.

Violet is done with dance for the summer.  She just started daycamp at the JCC and she is loving it.  She gets to swim every day.  They have foam parties, art, science.  Every week they do an inhouse field trip (a petting zoo came in yesterday) and a off site field trip (they are headed to the zoo today).  She comes home thoroughly exhausted but says she has too much fun.

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