Monday, May 16, 2011

Four months!

Wow Violet is changing constantly. Her motor skills have improved so much. She can stand with assistance. She smiles all the time. It's really awesome to see her change and mature but at the same time I mourn the loss of my newborn a little bit.

Violet had her four month appointment. She now weighs 12 pounds, 12 ounces--she has more than doubled her birth weight! She is 24.75 inches long now.

In terms of changes, she has perfected her rollover from back to tummy. This week she found her feet with her hands. Her feet haven't made it to her mouth yet but you know that's where they're headed!

And here are some cute four month photos:

It's a lot harder to take pictures of a four month old baby than a three month old baby. She would not stay still! Here are some cute bloopers which demonstrate this.

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