Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jumping Jumping

Violet is learning new skills everyday.  She has great head control now--she is no longer a bobble head.  She loves to stand and sit with assistance.  She continues to "talk" to us all the time.  She's finally old enough to enjoy the jumparoo.

 She can usually last a good 10-20 minutes in there.  Her legs aren't quite long enough though so she has to jump on a pillow.  It doesn't seem to slow her down.

Her feet have made it too her mouth and she loves to suck on her toes.  Kinda cute but kinda gross.

Violet hit the beach for the first time today.  It was too cold to stay for long but she did walk in the sand for the first time.

Currently we are in the midst of  "sleep training" because quite frankly, rocking her to sleep for an hour is getting old.  It involves some tears, but she's catching on pretty quickly.

More cute pics:
About to take a walk in the moby wrap.
At a friend's baby shower

Who knew she had enough hair?


  1. Laura, She is just adorable!!! I love the beach pictures. I can't believe you put her in a suit. :) And LEG WARMERS, too! Love them!!

  2. LOL it was actually just a sleeveless onsie. But those were leg warmers!

  3. She is SO CUTE!!!! I got your link from WTE January 2011 board. I love that last picture. She's ADORABLE.

  4. If she can get her feet in her mouth, she is going to be great at yoga just like her auntie!