Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Violet's first Halloween!  She slept through most of it.  I sleep deprived her in the early afternoon, pushing her nap later in hopes that she'd stay up later than 6 p.m.  We made it until about 6:45 but she was pretty unhappy about it.

I call this one "grumpy Halloween"
 She was happier at a daytime Halloween party last week.

In terms of what's new--it's been challenging recently trying to get Violet to eat solids.  Miss Independent refuses to be fed by a spoon currently, so we've given up on purees and have been trying various finger foods.  She eats a really small amount before she starts tossing everything on the floor (to the delight of the dogs).  Poor Dakota passed away a few weeks too soon.  She would have been in hog heaven with all the food being tossed around.  I keep thinking Violet is going to be 25 and still just drinking from a bottle but I'm sure she'll start to eat solids at some point.

We take her to the park every day (and Eric takes her usually twice a day).  She just loves it.

And here she is with Daddy looking cute.

Being silly with daddy

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