Monday, October 24, 2011

Not an Orange

Violet went to a birthday party today.  Let's be honest--she's too young to party with the big kids.  It's all about the party dress.  Before Violet was born, I bought a bunch of pretty dresses for her.  Never being a mom before, I didn't realize how incredibly impractical dresses are.  The buttons are a pain, she gets all caught up in them when she crawls, and they have food or various other organic material on them within hours.  So Violet has a closet full of dresses that don't get worn.  Enter the birthday party for her 3 year old twin friends.  She can't eat the cake or play much with the other kids, but she can show up in style.
Looking very serious here  

Violet stood up for the first time today without pulling up in the ball room today.  She only lasted a few seconds but she did it twice.  It was pretty cool to see.  She also is completely refusing to be spoon fed and wants to feed herself.  She wants nothing to do with all the homemade baby food purees in the freezer mom and dad made for her.

I leave you with this one comment about the picture below.  That is not an orange.

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