Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Music Class

Violet is in a Kids Love Music class for toddlers.  She used to be in the baby class and I have to say, she didn't seem to get much out of it.  But she loves the toddler music class.  There are walking songs and dancing songs.  There are shakers to shake and instruments to play.  It's not too structured since toddlers have pretty much no attention span.  And the last ten minutes is free play on the instruments.

Notice no matter what instrument she's playing, she's got the red stick that's for the drums.  She's obsessed with them.  The teacher tried to get her to play the xylophone with the correct xylophone stick and she wasn't having it.  It's only the drumsticks for her. She really likes to suck on them.  There's no stopping her.  And if you take it away, you get a full blown melt down.  I've decided just to ignore it and let her suck on it.  It's probably good for her immune system.

Eating a drumstick

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