Monday, March 19, 2012

Mommy learns a lesson (AKA Blueberry girl)

So today I learned a valuable lesson that probably all moms learn at some point.   

There is such a thing as being too quiet.

Violet had wandered into the dining room, as she's apt to do.  We've got the downstairs pretty child proofed and there's a gate that blocks the stairs, so she can wander away from us and play.  She usually wanders back pretty quickly.

Today she wandered away to the dining room and didn't come back.  I could just see the edge of her through the doorway and saw she was playing with a tupperware by herself.  She kept herself entertained for quite a while and I silently congratulated myself for raising such an independent toddler.

And then I heard it.  Silence.  Too much silence.  What the hell was going on in there?  And where did she get that tupperware?

Well, the tupperware was from breakfast and it held her blueberries.  For the last ten minutes she had been crushing the blueberries into the white carpet.

And that's how I learned that there is such a thing as too quiet.

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