Thursday, February 14, 2013

Picture Catch Up

I've been a bit behind on the blog so here are some pictures from the last month.

We went to the petting zoo again.  Violet is old enough for the pony rides now.

Violet is talking up a storm.  She is learning so many new words every day.  It's truly impressive to witness the learning capacity of a young child.  She is talking in three and four word sentences.  Everything is hers ("My ipad!  My iphone!).  She even knows how to call Nana and Papa on skype herself.  She is also is starting to assert her independence and wants to start doing things herself.  She is developing a vivid imagination and will pretend to talk on the phone or play with her dolls.

She's also becoming a bit of a daddy's girl.  But lucky for me, at least for now, mommy is still number 1.

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