Monday, March 11, 2013


We just got a bike trailer for Violet and this past weekend the three of us went for a bike ride.  Violet loved her "bike".

We biked to a park where Violet played a bit and then biked to a candy store.  Shockingly we found out that she does not like chocolate gelato.  Even though we called it ice cream, she wasn't fooled.

We also recently received a balance bike from Auntie Deanna.  The bikes don't have pedals or training wheels.  The kids learn to balance on them and supposedly can transition from these to a regular bike while skipping the whole tricycle stage.

This bike is still a little tall for her, so Eric had to help her out.

Violet has been having lots of play dates with her friends Emily and Grey, two friends she has met in the neighborhood.  We have been meeting them at the park for a while, but now Violet is finally old enough to actually play with them, rather than parallel play alongside each other but with minimal interaction.  There are a lot of shouts of "Mine!" but when they aren't fighting over toys, they have a great time.

Sharing a rocking chair

Playing in Emily's playhouse

It's cool to have a friend with a bounce house!

Auntie D has been sending us some cute clothes.

So much bling!

As always, Violet is rocking the purple.

And if you made it this far, here's a funny story.  Often, during the day, there will be crows on the roof.  Sometimes we can hear them through the chimney.  Violet will now randomly walk up to the fireplace and start saying "Caw, caw!", sometimes even at night.  She must think that crows live there all the time.  It's so funny to see her walk up to the fireplace at 7 p.m. and just start randomly "cawing".