Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jenee Visits

I've been excited for months for my best friend Jenee and her family to visit from Hawaii.  The plan was to go to Disney Monday, the San Diego Zoo Tuesday, the wild animal park Wednesday, and Nick's 8th birthday party at the reptile zoo Saturday.  On the way to Disney on Monday, Violet vomited four times Exorcist style in my car.  We ended up sitting out Monday and Tuesday.  Two sick days (and one car detailing) later, we hit the Wild Animal Park on Wednesday.

Despite the 6 year age difference, Nick and Violet got along well.  We all had a great time at the Wild Animal Park.

Wow, that bat eats string cheese!

Violet really enjoyed Nick's birthday at the reptile zoo.

Violet hugging a skink

Petting a snake.

The visit was too fast, especially with us missing out on two days due to illness.   We miss them already!

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