Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dance Recital

Violet just performed in her first dance recital.  Her willingness to perform the dance had been touch and go in practices in the preceding weeks.  My favorite practice run through she sucked on her skirt the whole time.  So when recital day was here, and she started to show reluctance, mom pulled out the bribery card.  I am not at all ashamed to admit that I told her if she did the dance and performed the jump (she had refused to jump for the past 6 weeks in class), I'd buy her chocolate ice cream.  Never mind the fact that we were going out for celebratory ice cream afterwards either way--she didn't know that.  The bribery worked like a charm.

First it was a mad dash to get her changed into her costume.  We were coming from playing at the park next door to get her wiggles out.  I was planning on changing her at the recital itself but as I watched a steady stream of costumed children with their perfectly curled hair enter the building, I knew that I would be the only one so last minute.  I decided changing her in the parking lot was better than coming into the recital with an uncostumed child.

Dressed and ready!

Recital Program

Luckily they were the first group.

Waiting to start.

Serious dancing

The dance itself--I was super excited they were performing to the Go Go's.  I did my first talent show dance to Go Go's in 3rd grade (different song though). 

As you can see, Violet was highly motivated by the promise of ice cream.

The jump--she needs the teacher to show her because she has been refusing to do it for about 6 weeks.

They warned us to make sure their shoes were tied because if they became untied they wouldn't dance.  No one said anything about the skirt.  The look of horror on her face when her skirt becomes untied is pure comedy.

It's all done!

Celebratory ice cream.
Special thanks to Aunty Jenny for keeping us company and filming.

Daddy through Violet's eyes:

I didn't realize Eric also liked salad and diet coke.  It was news to him too.  At least she got the hair color right.
Violet painted a rock purple in class for Father's Day but she promptly told Eric it was her rock to keep.  She loves all rocks and there was no way she was parting with a purple one.

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