Wednesday, June 4, 2014

First Camping Trip

We just finished our first overnight camping trip at Live Oak Campground in Casper's Wilderness Park.  We chose a site within 20 minutes of home, just in case we needed to head home on short notice.  We really didn't know how Violet would do.  She actually did great and had an "awesome" time.  Despite the proximity to civilization, it was remote enough and we heard both coyotes and owls nearby.

We set up the tent to the sounds of a nearby campsite blasting bad 80's music.  Suddenly the radio station threw in "Let it Go" from Frozen and Violet's excitement increased.  "Elsa is camping!"

After setting up camp, we did the nature loop hike.

Taking a break on the hike.

Violet was not a fan of the noisy flies  however.

Later that night we had a campfire and made s'mores.  Violet preferred her marshmallows separate from her chocolate.

Getting ready to roast marshmellows.
Roasting with daddy.

She slept pretty well that night and Eric and I were able to enjoy the campfire until late.  It was rough setting up and packing up all within 24 hours, but overall Violet did great and seemed to really have a good time.

Just prior to camping, we went to a preschool friend's birthday party at the petting zoo.  Violet had a great time with the animals and mom loved the catered food (bagels with three kinds of lox).  I didn't take advantage of the bar (mimosas and bloody mary's) but enjoyed the spread none the less.

Violet rode the train, savvy enough to run to the coveted "engine" seat.

She requested to ride the black horse Shadow.

Riding Shadow.

There was her first experience with a pinata.

Enjoying her spoils.

Child of the corn.

Dad with a goat.