Monday, March 30, 2015

Jenee Visits

My friend Jenee, her husband Norman, and son Nick visited recently.  Nick had a birthday party and Violet discovered dance dance revolution.

Then it was Disneyland two days in a row.  Violet and I went on It's a Small World.

Then she requested going on Thunder Mountain.  I was pretty worried about how she would do.

Waiting in line.

More waiting.

They measured her to make sure she was the required 40 inches, which she passed by an inch.

Just about to ride for the second time.
Violet said "This is the best ride ever!"

We miss the Odani's already and Violet keep pretending to go on a "venture" (adventure) to Hawaii.  She packed her bags (usually her frozen and tinkerbelle tin purses) and we travel to Hawaii.  We can't wait to go back for real.

* * *
Violet recently went to her second movie in the theater, Cinderella.  The big hit was the ten minute Frozen short before the movie started.  I have never seen Violet sit so quietly and so still for ten minutes.

The movie was a little long for her but we made it through.

Napping with dad

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