Monday, March 30, 2015

Joshua Tree

Earlier this month we took Violet to Joshua Tree.  It poured the first night we were there but luckily cleared up the next day.  Violet and Eric loved climbing high on the rocks as I watched from safer ground.

 She was fearless.  I had trouble watching them climb.

 Explored every crack and crevice.

Teddy Bear Cactus

Find Violet

Violet's favorite part by far was completing an assignment by the national park and then being sworn in as a junior ranger.

She had a pop quiz right before and was asked "If you see a pretty flower in the park, what do you do?  Do you pick it for mommy?"  Sort of a loaded question if you ask me.  Luckily they gave her the junior ranger status even though she put mommy above preserving our national parks.

Being sworn in.

Proud Junior Ranger.

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