Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We recently went to Oregon for a memorial for Eric's uncle Greg in Bend.  It was a sobering trip but it did give Violet a change to meet a lot of her cousins.  All of the cousins visited Richardson's Ranch where you can dig for thunder eggs.


Liliana and Sheryl


It was hard work.  We all took a break for lunch.

One of the spoils.

Back at the entrance, the kids were obsessed with chasing (i.e. torturing) the resident peacocks.

After Bend we stopped in Portland and visited my cousins Al and Rosanne.  Al spent all day on the barbecue making the most awesome ribs.

Violet was thrilled when Aunt Rosanne brought out cousin Juliana's toys from 20 years ago.

Later that month we visited cousins Tory and Shelley with their daughter Ayla from Arizona who were in Manhattan Beach on vacation.

Violet torturing Grey Cat:

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