Monday, June 13, 2011

5 Months

Wow, time is flying.  Violet is so grown up now.  She is full of smiles for everyone (one of my friends called her a ham) and she's developing some fine muscle control with her fingers.  She's able to grab things pretty well and loves to rip out my hair.  She's sleeping for longer stretches at night which is great, but has been waking up for the day at 5:30 a.m. which is not so great.

I saw a 3 week old baby today and I just couldn't believe that Violet was ever that small.  I already can't remember it.  I feel like in a blink of an eye she's going to be starting kindergarden.

She continues to be a high maintenance baby. She gets bored really easily these days and so it's a challenge to keep her continually entertained, because if she's bored, she'll cry.  We used to be able to set her down for ten minutes on the activity mat and she'd entertain herself talking to the toys, but that already bores her.  It's back to carrying her 24/7 when she's awake.  I keep telling myself it's because she's so smart that she gets bored easily.  I have no idea if that's true but I have to console myself somehow.

I've had a couple late days at work where I've come home after she's asleep which has been hard.

Now for the pictures:

Instead of planting Violet, we planted lavender.

Violet turns five months:

Playing in her jumper:
And lastly, daddy being funny:

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