Friday, June 24, 2011


It's finally summer.  I can't wait to take Violet swimming.  I ordered her an awesome baby floatation device so she can float and I can hold her.  I think she's going to love it based on how much she enjoys her baths!

Violet has been exploring her environment.  Everything is new and interesting to her.

And unlike the cats, the flowers don't complain when you pull at them.
We took her to the baby swings but I think she's a little young.  She started crying right after we made this movie.

She went from hating tummy time to being a huge rolly polly that prefers to be on her tummy.  Changing a diaper on a squirming rolling infant is tricky!
 For Father's day we visited both grandpa's.

Violet is getting to be a lot more fun but she still isn't sleeping through the night.  On top of that, she is sleeping less during the day.  So overall it means for less sleep for mom.   She's at least consistently sleeping from 7 p.m. until midnight so I have my evenings back. Let's hope she starts sleeping through the night soon.


  1. I like the kitty towel you got to cover her hamster in the bath.

  2. Love love love the poppy picture!

  3. Considering the night owl her mom is...not so sure when she will sleep through the night. =)

    Love the flower picture!