Thursday, October 31, 2013

Violet Update

Violet is doing great.  She has become such the little talker and she is super strong willed.  She has been wanting to go on the ferris wheel at the Spectrum for a while and we always told her she had to wait until she was older.  Today we gave in.  Even I went (I'm not too fond of heights).  We all had a great time and she was not afraid at all.

Despite her expression, she had a great time.

We recently went to my cousin Tory's wedding in Scottsdale.  Violet's first road trip, and she did great.  Her favorite part was swimming every day.  She also got to meet her Aunt Rosanne, Uncle Al, and cousin Juliana for the first time.

In both pictures Violet is admiring her awesome rings she just received from Aunt Rosanne as a gift.

Violet recently went to her first birthday party at Chuck E Cheese which she loved.  Much like Mickey, she was super afraid of the mouse character.

Violet and her friend Emily.

Scary Chuck E. Cheese

We've been about six times to the pumpkin patch.  Violet is finally old enough for most of the rides.

Violet's enjoyed having Nana watch her occasionally when Eric and I are both at work.

She is not allowed to be a vet.

Today Violet got to play with a litter of 7 week old kittens.  She loved it and did really well overall except for one brief throwing of a kitten.

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