Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Violet had a great Halloween.  For the first time she understood the concept, could say trick or treat, thank you, and knew exactly what candy was.  She was so excited!

She chose her own costume, a blue butterfly princess.

It was super girly.  I tried to steer her towards a cat costume or a monster costume, but she was set on blue butterfly princess.  It ended up being pretty cute despite my reservations.

I even dressed up which Violet was thrilled about.  While I was supposed to be a cat, Violet pronounced me a "Kitty Princess".  Sounded good to me.  One house passed out full sized snicker bars to the adults that dressed up.  Sweet!

Note my awesome galaxy cat leggings!

We went trick or treating with one of Violet's good friends Grey and his family.

Trick or treating with a two year old is hard work.  I had to carry her half of the time and she's almost 30 pounds!  But it was much easier than last year and I suspect next year will be even easier.

Violet blooper:

Violet is picking a winner!

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